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Smile, you’re on candid camera

The iconic Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden as it appears on Google Street View

Google Street View has arrived in the Cape Winelands. The groundbreaking system was launched during an innovative teleconference last Thursday, led by Google product manager for Europe and Africa, Jarda Bengle, speaking from Google’s European offices in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr Bengle “walked” participating media people through the finer details of Google Street View, the controversial mapping system that allows users to move virtually around a growing variety of places of interest from the comfort of home, provide the user has a reasonably fast Internet connection. The controversy arose when Street View was first mooted, because it was seen in some quarters to be a violation of personal privacy, with the up close and personal views that it made available over the Internet of people, places, motor vehicles, homes, and businesses. Read more…


Morgenster 2006: A step closer to Guilio Bertrand’s dream

June 17, 2010 1 comment

Guilio Bertand and Pierre Lurton enjoy a glass of Morgenster Rose at the Field House during the Morgenster 2006 launch

When Henry Kotze said he had big shoes to fill at Morgenster, he wasn’t kidding. It was the occasion of the annual launch of the next vintage of the boutique Helderberg estate’s Lourens River Valley and flagship Morgenster Bordeaux style blends, and Henry had the daunting task of introducing the 2006 vintage made by his predecessor, Marius Lategan, who moved to La Bri in Franschhoek when Henry took over as cellar master late last year.

Presided over as usual by estate owner Guilio Bertrand, the annual bash at the Morgenster Estate commenced in the tasting room, with a foreword by consultant winemaker Pierre Lurton, who made the annual pilgrimage from Bordeaux to be part of the unveiling of what many people consider to be one of the finest Bordeaux style blends in the country. Read more…