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My Little Darlin’s Chicken and Prawn Curry

January 7, 2010 1 comment
Preparation Time: 60 minutes Cooking Time: 60 minutes Yield: 6-8

Chicken and prawn curry, much like it was made at the Muthaiga Club in 1940's Nairobi

With friends coming for dinner on Friday night, I was at a loss as to what I ought to cook. Browsing through the deep freeze, my eye fell upon a pack of prawns and I was instantly transported back to the early 90’s as I recalled a visit to the Durban Country Club as the guest of colleague. In those days, it was considered the pinnacle of social accomplishment in Durban to be a member of the Club, and an invitation to dinner if you were not, was a considerable achievement.

What struck me on entering those hallowed portals was the time warp I seemed to have stepped into. Having recently seen White Mischief, that wonderfully satirical look at life in Kenya in the early forties, half expected to see Lord Broughton (Joss Ackland) sitting at a corner table, glaring balefully at Joss Hay (Charles Dance) as he danced suggestively with Lady Broughton, played by the delectable Greta Scacchi. Or the utterly surreal scene where they’re all cross dressed. There we have Charles Dance dressed up to look like a femme fatale and quite frankly, not really pulling it off, Joss Ackland dressed like (and also looking like) a frumpy dowager duchess, Sarah Miles dressed to kill, looking for all the world like an effeminate version of Jean-Paul Belmondo  in that dark 70’s crime drama Borsalino. Read more…

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